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Children’s learning should not be limited to the resources and educators available in a single school building. Learner-centered ecosystems are a call for something radically different, but not radical. Youth development providers, community-based players, and learner-centered leaders are already making this happen. Leave with a new lens on why ecosystems are needed, what they can make possible for young people, and who is out there to collaborate with in support of making ecosystems a reality.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Deepen awareness of the expertise and capacity of youth development providers and other “informal” learning players that goes largely untapped by K-12 education.
  2. Be inspired by how learner-centered leaders are already leveraging community resources, experiences, and partners to more equitably and powerfully serve their young people.
  3. Investigate and explore what is already present in your own community.


  • Alin Bennett, Education Reimagined
  • Miguel Gonzalez, Embark Education
  • Steve Heath, Fab Newport
  • Danny Murphy, East Bay Met School
  • Autumn Walker, East Bay Met School
  • Hazel Lindsley, Embark Education