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The pandemic has illuminated aspects of learning design that have potential for flexibility, as well as those that have been less easy to shift. In this session, hear the reDesign Youth Advisory Council of adolescent learners from across the country share their ideas for changing how we think about school, by exploring issues such as flexibility for working students or teacher hiring practices. The Council grappled with the possibilities for reimagining school from a learner-centered view.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Reflect on the conditions necessary for all students to develop their competencies, build connectedness, and critically examine their world.
  2. Identify promising avenues for flexibility and change within current learning and school designs, as well as lessons learned from early innovators.
  3. Make connections between a youth-driven vision of how school structures can evolve and applications to your context for learning.


  • Rohan Menon, reDesign
  • Donelle Nalder, reDesign Youth Advisory Council (YAC)
  • Aanika Dalal, reDesign Youth Advisory Council (YAC)
  • Sabbia Gale-Donnelly, reDesign Youth Advisory Council (YAC)