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Our education system is becoming more student-centered and student-driven than ever before. Policymakers and decision makers are leaning on and tapping into the expertise of students—ensuring their voices are elevated and actively heard. Student representatives and members of the D.C. State Board of Education will discuss their role and leadership on policy-facing work related to student needs post-COVID-19 (e.g., mental health, school safety, and school culture).

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Highlight the value and importance of authentic student voice in policy and advocacy discussions.
  2. Learn about the process by which student leaders convene and organize a student-led committee that prioritizes student ownership of work and outcomes.
  3. Discuss and brainstorm issues of importance to students in a post-COVID-19 education system—and identify ways to address them.


  • Liv Birnstad, D.C. State Board of Education (SBOE)
  • China Jones-Burgess, D.C. State Board of Education (SBOE)