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What would it take to truly activate the power of education so all children thrive? At Transcend and Lindsay Unified, we believe that Learner-Centered Leadership, the kind of leadership that puts learners at the center, that deeply incorporates learners’ experiences into every decision, and that embodies an ethos of learning in everyone, can enable system-wide change. Join us to learn about our findings on this new paradigm of leadership and craft your own Concept of learner-centered leadership.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Deepen your understanding of learner-centered leadership and its systemic impact on conditions.
  2. Learn key moves for how leaders can shift to a learner-centered paradigm and discuss implications for making these moves in the system you lead.
  3. Draft your own Concept of learner-centered leadership and get feedback from peers.


  • Nikolaus Namba, Transcend
  • Tom Rooney, Lindsay Unified School District