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Afterschool programs are piloting innovative opportunities for students to earn credit for learning done outside of the regular school day. Through partnerships with afterschool programs, schools, community-based organizations, and businesses, youth are engaging in learning opportunities that earn credits on high school transcripts. From STEM and arts to career readiness and exploration, the possibilities are endless! Panelists will share ideas for how to implement this model in your community.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn best practices in implementing a credit for learning program, specifically focusing on implementing these opportunities with an equity lens.
  2. Learn about the latest state policy initiatives to support credit for learning and how to advocate for these opportunities in your states.
  3. Learn how to form effective partnerships between schools, community-based organizations (CBOs), businesses, and afterschool programs to provide credit for learning opportunities.


  • Alexis Steines Rao, Afterschool Alliance
  • Ann Durham, Providence After School Alliance