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Over the past two years the lines between school and home blurred, and at times completely disappeared. We recognize the impact of expanding support beyond school walls. What we realize, and now move to actualize, are all the things we know moving forward: we can do better. How can our schools become a hub in the community to address the needs and systemic challenges families face? Come learn about the design challenge and leave with activities to generate community hub thinking for your system.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define the key characteristics of a school as a community hub.
  2. Identify key levers and asset-based opportunities to create a robust community hub.
  3. Learn a process to design solutions that address systemic barriers and inequities that families face in your community.


  • Stephanie Cardella, Distinctive Schools
  • Jane Szot, Distinctive Schools
  • Molly Quinn, Distinctive Schools
  • Sarah O’Connell, Distinctive Schools
  • Karen Henderson, Distinctive Schools