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For just over three years, a growing network of alternative schools across Washington and California have partnered to redefine how their communities experience school. Through a focus on personalized instructional approaches such as student learning plans, interest-driven projects, authentic assessments, and community-based internships, the network has grown from 11 to 40 schools and has witnessed positive shifts in student outcomes across a variety of indicators. Learn how this network, called the Upstream Collaborative, has changed professional practice through innovative instructional coaching and collaborative professional development.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop understanding of coaching methods and moves used to redesign schools in service of personalized learning.
  • Learn about and engage with innovative professional development strategies such as multi-school micro-convenings, virtual communities of practice, and inter-school collaboration.
  • Connect with coaches and practitioners from the collaborative in small groups to discuss ways in which participants could apply the learning and resources to their context.



  • Loren Demeroutis, Director, Learning Big Picture, Big Picture Learning | @LDemeroutis
  • Ann Curtis, School Design Coach, Big Picture Learning
  • Melany Hall, Internship Coordinator, Confluence High School