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The lack of systemic efforts to support recruitment and retention of teachers of color is undermining the capacity of US education systems to provide access to high-quality equitable education for all students. Through the Center for Inclusive Innovation, six school districts have been co-designing systems-level solutions in collaboration with teachers of color. District leaders will discuss the process, pilot solutions, and what it takes to evolve systems approaches to build a diverse workforce. 

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Gain insights on how to engage diverse stakeholders in designing recruitment and retention solutions.
  2. Understand systems-level models and approaches to teacher of color recruitment and retention.
  3. Explore promising pilots and practices that districts are designing and implementing to create meaningful impact.


  • Kimberly Smith, Digital Promise
  • Marlon Styles, Middletown City Schools
  • Rocio del Castillo, Huntley Community School District #158
  • Scott Rowe, Huntley School District
  • Evelyn Gonzalez, Huntley Community School District #158