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The IEP Project by Digital Promise, Brooklyn Lab Charter Schools, and EALA is designed to prioritize student strength by leveraging IEPs as catalysts for student success. During the session, we will explore the “how” behind curriculum and measurement centered around student strength and agency. We will explain needed mindset shifts, discuss research behind learner variability, elevate student voice, and explore the IEP Guide and Learner Variability Navigator (a free tool).

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop an understanding of the research behind whole child teaching and learning that shows how critical it is for students with learning differences.
  2. Explore how to gather information that will lead to strength-based IEPs.
  3. Develop a recognition of the importance of student agency in developing IEPs that include student voice.


  • Barbara Pape, Digital Promise, Learner Variability Project
  • Megan Gross, Poway Unified School District