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Participants will explore how competency-based learning systems allow educators to realize a vision of learning for all at high levels. Schools should be designed to prepare learners for a changing world, promoting the application and transfer of learning. Critical, innovative thinking/problem-solving are crucial components, and a focus on capturing evidence of learning anywhere, anytime, is crucial. The PLC model will be presented as a foundational school-based structure to support the work.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how a PLC model and specifically collaborative teams can be used to best support a highly effective competency-based learning system.
  2. Self-assess your readiness and/or current status for advancing competency-based learning (CBL) in your classroom/school(s).
  3. Engage in deep conversations for the purposes of networking, sharing of ideas, and actively learning from each other throughout this session.


  • Brian Stack, V & S School Solutions, Solution Tree, Sanborn Regional High School
  • Jonathan Vander Els, V & S School Solutions, Solution Tree, New Hampshire Learning Initiative