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Project-based learning was at the core of Metropolitan Arts & Tech high school. This panel of alumni will highlight how project-based learning and competency-based education levels out the playing field for students from all walks of life to better prepare them for their future. They have a collective story: no matter who they were, when they showed up in the classroom, they were given the platform to share their ideas and deeply engage in their education. 

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how competency-based education creates equitable learning environments for all students.
  2. Learn about the diverse roles that alumni now take in their communities and how their high school experience with competency-based education helped them get there.
  3. Hear from diverse perspectives to inform a deep understanding of why student agency leads to more engaged students and better learning outcomes.


  • Yvonne Armenta, Independent¬†
  • Tai Britton, W M Lyles Co.
  • Aileen Campos, UCSF
  • Jerica Miles, Independent
  • Mikayla Janae Provost, State Farm Arena and the Atlanta Hawks