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Request for Presentation Proposals Now Open

Registration will open in Spring 2024.

 Join the premiere event of education innovators working to transform K-12 education. Stay for the community, lessons about education innovation from the field, and the latest research and policy to support education transformation. Leave equipped to take immediate action in advancing next generation learning designs.

The Aurora Institute Symposium brings together innovators working to transform K-12 education. At the Symposium, you’ll find attendees from across the education innovation space who are pushing for learning to happen outside of traditional school walls, and to be more personalized, competency-based, and future-focused. The Symposium is the premiere event for learning about next generation learning models, anytime, anywhere learning, the latest policy developments to enable the future, research and best practices around innovations, and trends around future-focused education transformation. 

At the Aurora Institute Symposium 2024 you’ll find a community of practice that is reimagining K-12 education systems around the globe. The sessions and keynotes will showcase the field’s brightest ideas and provide an inside look at cutting-edge approaches, strategies, and guidance. The Symposium inspires attendees, equips them with new knowledge and best practices, and sparks action by inspiring leaders to implement new learning designs. 

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