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European Union’s VISCED Colloquium for Virtual Schools

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Susan Patrick

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Lead Change and Innovation, Learn Lessons from the Field

Along with colleagues Matt Wicks and Rob Darrow, I had the pleasure of presenting at (and participating in) the VISCED Colloquium for Virtual Schools in Sheffield last month. This international gathering centered on discussions about quality and critical success factors for virtual schools, and the sharing across the board offered an incredible learning experience for all.

The EU is conducting a survey of the inventory of virtual schools around the globe. There were presentations from virtual schools in Sweeden, Finland, the Netherlands, Latvia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland. The virtual school in Portugal allows “travelers” (or mobile students) to access and enter any public high school in the country — these mobile students are allowed to go to the library or computer media center of any school or library and receive student supports locally — while attending a full-time virtual school.

VISCED has made video of the sessions available online (along with presentation material and interviews with participants). Take a look at the way other countries and systems are exploring online learning. Learn more at: