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Illuminating the Path Forward in K-12 Education Policy and Practice

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Author(s): Susan Patrick

Issue(s): Issues in Practice

For the first time in history, we have the opportunity to offer every child a world-class, student-centered education through competency-based, blended and online learning, providing every learner with powerful, personalized experiences. Student-centered, personalized learning holds tremendous potential to transform education for all students.

Recently, iNACOL released a new strategic plan outlining the ways iNACOL will drive the transformation of K-12 education policy and practice toward personalized, student-centered learning through competency-based, blended and online learning approaches.

Str Plan_missionThere has never been a better time or greater set of opportunities to accelerate access to personalized learning—boosting learner achievement and outcomes. iNACOL’s mission, vision and values, outlined in our new strategic plan, are driven by our commitment to doing what’s best for students.

Mission: To catalyze the transformation of K-12 education policy and practice to advance powerful, personalized, learner-centered experiences through competency-based, blended and online learning.

str plan_visionVision: We envision a world where all students engage in powerful, personalized learning experiences, leveraging technology to succeed.

Values: Our values flow from our commitment to success for all students:

  • Student-Centered Learning: We put students first, because we believe that learning environments should begin and end with the learner in mind.
  • Innovation for Equity: We are a future-focused organization committed to pushing the field, closing learning gaps for students and expanding anytime, everywhere access to high-quality educational opportunities—because we believe that all students deserve it.
  • Collaboration: We co-create knowledge, content and convenings with educators, practitioners, partners, and the field at large.
  • Action Research: We remain focused on research and can catalyze change by leveraging our reach into the field to develop standards, strengthen quality criteria, analyze tough issues, identify solutions and share expertise.
  • Dynamic Approaches: We are a learning organization that listens and adapts to continuously push the field forward.
  • True to the Cause: We are nonpartisan and serve with objectivity, credibility and integrity.
  • Education Transformation: We believe in moving beyond incremental change to drive radical improvement of the public education system with equitable access for all.

By illuminating the path forward and building field capacity, iNACOL will generate the undeniable momentum needed to transform learning experiences for all students. Our mission, vision and values will drive our work, and we will remain steadfastly committed to doing what’s best for each and every student.

I invite you to join us in this important work: