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Mastery Collaborative Resources

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Author(s): Chris Sturgis

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field

Mastery CollaborativeThe NYC Department of Education’s Mastery Collaborative is making their online sessions available for all of us to learn from. The links to recording and slides are below and I’ve added links to the schools CompetencyWorks has visited.

Thanks to the Mastery Collaborative for their leadership and their generosity


Carroll Gardens School for Innovation—Aligning outcomes across grades/departments

CGSI Session Recording // CGSI Slides

Article on Carroll Gardens School for Innovation


Flushing International HS—Designing outcomes that drive learning

Flushing International Session Recording // Flushing International Slides

Article on Flushing International HS


Frank McCourt HS—Developing, norming, and using mastery-based rubrics

FMHS Session Recording TBD // FMHS Slides


Harvest Collegiate HS—Building a school-wide philosophy of mastery

Harvest Collegiate HS Recording // Harvest Slides


KAPPA International HS—Messaging Mastery with Language and Visuals

KAPPA International HS Recording // KAPPA International Slides

Article on KAPPA International HS


NYC iSchool—Mastery-based facilitation/ coaching/ flexible pacing

NYC iSchool Recording // NYC ischool Slides


Urban Assembly Maker Academy—Clear & comprehensive mastery-based grading practices

UA Maker Session Recording // UA Maker Slides

Article on Urban Assembly Maker Academy


The Young Women’s Leadership School, Astoria—Using a grading tracker to support growth mindset

TYWLS-Astoria Session Recording // TYWLS-Astoria Slides

Article on Young Women’s Leadership School, Astoria