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Reflections on Learning

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Author(s): Chris Sturgis

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field, Activate Student Agency

Marie Watson, principal of Red Bank Elementary School in Lexington, South Carolina just sent me a photo of a student’s reflection on her learning in preparation for sending our report cards. (To learn more about Red Bank, click here.)

reflections 1                   reflections 2

Victoria writes on her second nine week reflection:

In Reading I learned, how to apply strategies for passages. I can site evidence to support my answers. I quote text accurately to make inferences. I can also use key details to make strong sumaries. I feel good about making summaries and applying my strategies. I need work on finding evidence in the text.

In Writing I can plan, revise and edit my pieces. I learned how to write narratives that develop experiences or events. I make sure my narratives use effective techniques, descriptive data is, and a clear event sequence. I feel good about editing my piece. I can also write informational text. I feel good about that. I need work on narrative begenings.

In Science, we have worked on erosion, land forms, and ecosystem. I feel good about land forms. I also feel good about erosion. I need work on deposition.

In Social Studies we did the Westward expansion and Industrial Revolution. I feel good about the Oregon trail. I need work on the Asian Imigration united in Westward expansion. I feel good also about the Industrial Revolution. I need more work in the Prohibition topic station.

In math, we did adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. We also worked some on Algebra and learning P.E. M.D. A.S! I need work on multiplying fractions. I feel good about adding fractions. I need working on being fluent in multiplication.