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Summertime Reading Part 4: Perspective for Teachers

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Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field

IMG_0767Competency education is only as effective as the leaders and districts that implement it. The following are posts by incredible educators who offer insight into CBE for any teacher wanting to understand more about how to implement it in their classroom:

The Project IS the Learning! by Rose Colby and Andrew Miller

Competency-Based Instruction & Assessment: Building the Framework by Erica Stofanak

Dancing Out Front, Be Reasonable!, and Exceeding Is More Complicated Than Adding Glitter and Flash by Courtney Belolan

The Offal Lesson by Shawn Cornally

A Classroom Teacher’s Approach to Competency-Based Education , A Shift to Competencies: A Practical Approach, and Validating Competency with Wild Pigs in the Woods… by Justin Ballou

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