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Deeper Competency-Based Learning: Making Equitable, Student-Centered, Sustainable Shifts


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Do your competency-based learning goals look like 1980s skills checklists, or do they focus on deeper learning? This workshop takes you through five competency-based education “validation pit stops” with research-based tools to analyze the depth and breadth of learning expectations, design instructional progressions and a range of assessments, and verify how grading and reporting reflect each student’s unique, but aligned, body of evidence. School examples and student work will be shared to illustrate different approaches.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Use tools provided to collaboratively analyze whether local academic and personal success skills competencies are designed to lead to more rigorous learning (DOK 3-4).
  2. Apply protocols for developing task-neutral performance scales with alternate instructional pathways and aligned performance assessments of deeper learning.
  3. Explore high-yield strategies for building a competency-based body of evidence that empowers student voice and self-reflection.