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Designing Engaging, Purposeful, Rigorous Tasks for Remote and In-Person Learning


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The world of teaching and learning is transforming in hyper-time, expanding beyond brick and mortar buildings to include intermittent stretches of remote learning. Learners are communicating that remote work has to be more meaningful and purposeful if it is going to keep them engaged. In this session, we will explore the design of engaging, interactive, and rigorous student-facing tasks that support students in guiding and taking ownership of the products they create. The structure of this session includes 60 minutes focused on building shared understanding of high-quality student tasks followed by an optional 30-minute interactive, deep-dive workshop to practice outlining a high-quality student-facing learning experience.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover the structure and design approach of a high-engagement, purposeful task that students can undertake at their own pace and on their own terms.
  2. Practice outlining a high-quality student-facing learning experience that explicitly teaches career- and college-ready competencies and skills.
  3. Reflect on how to leverage this process to develop an approach that supports students in developing their own projects.