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High School Internships in the Time of COVID-19: Mentorship, Connections, and More in Virtual Work-Based Learning


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Our X3 Intern students kept their internships through the school closures from COVID-19. Learn how we maximized the role of mentorship, connection and meaningful work to keep our young people and their employers engaged after schools had been closed. This rapid (re)design experience has shed new light on the work world of the future and given us the opportunity to think again about the skills students need to be healthy and prosperous in our community. See how we are using our learning to create over 100 on-site, hybrid, virtual, and consultancy-style work-based learning placements in Fall 2020.

Learning Outcomes:

    1. How to build long-lasting partnerships with employers so as to cope with the unknown
    2. How to support students through the trauma of losing school and potentially losing a mentor and being resilient enough so that neither comes true
    3. How to redesign on the fly to strengthen the most important element of a young person’s development—access to a caring adult


  • Tony Monfiletto, Executive Director, Future Focused Education | @tmonfo
  • Mike May, Director of Workforce Learning, Future Focused Education
  • Mistie Gallegos, Director of Operations, Future Focused Education
  • Moneka Stevens, Community Engagement Director, Future Focused Education
  • Ali Moore, Director of Student Support, Future Focused Education