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Aurora Institute Symposium 2023 Registration Opening for In-Person Event in Palm Springs, California This Year

Arlington, VA (April 6, 2023) – The Aurora Institute Symposium, the leading annual conference for transforming K-12 education systems, advancing breakthrough practices and policies, and implementing personalized, competency-based learning, will take place in person on October 15-17, 2023 at the Palm Springs Convention Center in California.

The Aurora Institute Symposium 2023 will host attendees from across the education innovation space who are pushing for learning to happen outside of traditional school walls to be more personalized, competency-based, and future-focused. The Symposium is the premiere event for learning about next generation learning models, anytime, anywhere learning, the latest policy developments to enable the future, research and best practices around innovations, and trends around future-focused education transformation.

“We are ready to come back together again in person this year with our community of innovators who are looking to push the boundaries of what education can be through student-centered learning,” said Susan Patrick, president and chief executive officer of the Aurora Institute. “This year’s Symposium will bring together education leaders, policymakers, researchers, technical assistance providers, journalists, and others committed to advancing a more future-focused education system. Attendees will be equipped with new knowledge and best practices to spark action and advance new learning designs.”

Through keynotes and sessions highlighting breakthrough practices and policies, the Symposium inspires attendees, equips them with new knowledge and best practices, and sparks action by leaders to plan and implement new learning designs. Session strands will include: Shifting to Competency-Based Education; Transforming Education Systems; Whole Child Personalized Learning; Elevating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Antiracism; Designing New Learning Models/Redesign; Enabling Anytime/Anywhere Learning; Modernizing Professional Learning; and more.

Attendee registration is now open, with members of the media invited to join free of charge.

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