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Aurora Institute


Aurora Institute’s Federal Policy Priorities: Charting a New Path for America’s Learners

Aurora Institute's Federal Policy Priorities 2021 report cover image

Author(s): Susan Patrick, Fred Jones, Alexis Chambers

Organization(s): Aurora Institute

Issue(s): Federal Policy, Harness Opportunities in ESSA, Modernize HEA, Increase Access to Broadband, Leverage Career and Technical Education, Design for Educational Equity, Create Space to Pilot Systems of Assessments

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The Aurora Institute’s Federal Policy Priorities: Charting a New Path for America’s Learners new report issues a call-to-action for federal education policy makers and provides eight recommendations. These future-focused, student-centered learning policy recommendations are informed by the input of hundreds of nationally recognized educators, leading personalized learning and competency-based education scholars, community advocates, and a diverse set of students who support uplifting education innovations while also prioritizing educational equity.  

Federal policymakers who want to drive transformation to support the future learner can use these recommendations to learn about key issues to address, entry points, policy levers, and a vetted path forward to revolutionize student-centered learning. This document provides deep contextual knowledge and actionable recommendations to advance future-focused, student-centered learning policies and transform education, including: 

  • Create Learning Ecosystems Across K-12, Higher Education, CTE, and the Workforce
  • Modernize the Educator Workforce
  • Diversify the Educator Workforce
  • Bridge the Digital Divide
  • Support COVID-19 Learning Recovery
  • Advance Educational Equity
  • Redesign Assessments
  • Rethink Accountability

Calls for a redesigned education system are growing in number and volume, in part due to the impact of COVID-19, but also because our current antiquated education system has not shifted to appropriately serve each learner. Now, more than ever, is the time to rethink the purpose of education and redesign learning ecosystems so that each child has robust opportunities and pathways for a thriving future. 

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