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Aurora Institute

CompetencyWorks, Report

Meeting Students Where They Are

Author(s): Antonia Rudenstine, Dixie Bacallao, Sarah Hakani, Sydney Schaef

Organization(s): CompetencyWorks, iNACOL, reDesign

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Rethink Instruction

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Meeting Students Where They Are, written by Antonia Rudenstine, Sydney Schaef, Dixie Bacallao and Sarah Hakani of reDesign, provides school and district leaders with an in-depth exploration of the relational, pedagogical and structural dimensions of meeting students where they are in K-12 competency-based education systems.

Competency-based education models, designed to ensure equity for all students, are gaining momentum nationally. Central to CBE is a commitment to meet students where they are. The report provides strategies for practitioners in K-12 competency-based models to meet students where they are on a variety of dimensions and maximize the potential of each student’s unique skills and interests.