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Many school systems rapidly adopted edtech tools during the pandemic, which led to many challenges but also spurred the development of new ways to use technology in instruction. Learn from state leaders and practitioners how and why Massachusetts partnered with educators and systems leaders to develop an equity-centered edtech systems guide to support the reimagination of student-centered edtech selection, implementation, and evaluation to build sustainable systems that work against inequity.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how to move towards digital equity through selecting, implementing, and evaluating edtech tools that best meet the needs of your school systems.
  2. Learn how school systems used an equity-centered edtech guide to develop and improve edtech systems. Successes and challenges will be addressed.
  3. Learn the value of having a statewide edtech guide and how the guide was differentiated for a diverse set of school systems.


  • Jin-Soo Huh, The Learning Accelerator
  • Jacqulyn Gantzer, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Tina Mahaney, Gill-Montague Regional School District
  • Jared Perrine, Narragansett Regional School District