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In this session, Shelby County teachers, instructional coaches, a principal, and the staff developer will share their experiences as visioneers, developers, and participants in a system of professional learning in their district that focuses on two important questions: What does every student need to succeed?  And, what do I need to grow in specifically to ensure that every student succeeds? On this panel, members will discuss our journey of personalizing competency-based professional learning in our district from our unique perspectives and reflect on our “glows” and “grows” as we continue to take risks, ask for feedback, and make shifts in our professional learning cohort structures. Come join us as we continue to think about what professional learning systems can be!

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate the understanding that professional learning can be organized as a system of personalized choice based on what every student needs to succeed.
  2. Demonstrate the understanding that professional learning must be tailored to the needs of each adult and their growth needs for students to ensure that every student is successful.


  • Tracy Huelsman, Shelby County Public Schools
  • Dr. Jennifer Cox, Shelby County Public Schools
  • Kelly Hudson, Shelby County Public Schools
  • Lauren Siegel, Shelby County Public Schools
  • Morgan Seely, Shelby County Public Schools
  • LaPorsha West, Shelby County Public Schools