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It’s day one of the Coalition and a motley crew of students, parents, community members, and district reps gather in a room for one purpose: to make their education system work better for all. How will they do it? Drawing on the Center for Innovation in Education (C!E’s) experience supporting system transformation through inclusive co-creation in places like Burlington School District and the state of Kentucky, hear directly from students and other participants about what the experience was like, how it was different, and why it matters.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Articulate the benefits of radically inclusive co-creation and the types of situations for which it is best suited.
  2. Understand what a radically inclusive co-creation process looks and feels like from the perspective of students engaged in it.
  3. Share in our learning about habits and key practices that make processes of co-creation more or less fruitful.


  • Doannie Tran, Center for Innovation in Education
  • Audrey Gilbert, Kentucky Student Voice Team
  • Kathleen “Penny” Christian, Kentucky PTA