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Aurora Institute is no longer accepting proposals to present at the 2020 Symposium.

Thank you to all who have submitted session and workshop proposals to share your knowledge and ideas.

A Focus on Workshops

Presentations at the Aurora Institute Symposium are offered in a variety of formats to meet the learning needs of our attendees. These include one-hour sessions that offer knowledge-sharing, interactive discussions, or debates, along with 2 hour 15 minute workshops that offer in-depth hands-on design on projects that have real-world, real-time application to participant’s work. For this year’s convening, we are prioritizing proposals with workshops or active learning. Symposium attendees seek hands-on workshops and design experiences that offer valuable interactive, roll-up-your sleeves learning experiences. Workshop proposals will be weighted differently to positively respond to this feedback.

A Focus on Implementation Challenges and Solutions

The Aurora Institute Program Committee will also give priority to proposals that provide engaging, active learning opportunities, modeling personalized, competency-based learning environments, drawing on participant experiences and promoting dialogue and exchange. Across the various presentation formats and strands, we strongly encourage presentation proposals that target specific nuances of implementation that dig below the surface and unpack rather than being very general in nature.