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Apapacho, The Story of a Teacher-Leader Network Supporting a Capstone Graduation Assessment, Defined by a Community-Developed Graduate Profile

Breakout Session - October 24, 2022 | 2:30-3:30pm ET

New Mexico is redefining state graduation requirements to include a more holistic and authentic capstone assessment and learning experience, offered in addition to the state standardized assessment and is defined by community in a graduate profile. The educators on this panel worked alongside policymakers to develop the supports educators will need as they make this shift. The group will share their collaborative process, using Liberatory Design, and what the experience meant for them.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify how Liberatory Design may offer educators a process to meaningfully collaborate.
  2. Evaluate the network’s efficacy, including community organizers, biliteracy specialists, capstone educators, and educators new to performance assessment.
  3. Understand a community-based, grassroots approach to statewide policy change.


  • Lisa Harmon-Martínez, Future Focused Education
  • Eduardo Garcia, Siembra Leadership High School
  • Julie Jaynes, ACE Leadership High School
  • Kristen LaVolpa, Educational Consultant
  • Laurie Smith-Small Waisted Bear (Oceti Sakowin), Zuni High School
  • Miguel Angel Acosta Muñoz, Earth Care
  • Minea Armijo, University of New Mexico
  • Emma Jones, Youth and Community Organizer
  • Ronnie Reynolds, Robert F. Kennedy Charter
  • Sienna Burkett, ACE Leadership High School