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States and schools are eager to have students demonstrate a “Vision of a Graduate” that aligns with key 21st century skills critical for college and career success. These skills include communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and research. To practice and assess these skills many districts are using capstone projects. Hear from students about the transformative experience of doing a capstone or personal interest project and how your school can implement this type of opportunity!

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how capstone projects allow students to demonstrate critical skills of a graduate while also increasing student engagement through choice and personalization.
  2. Explain capstone project examples and understand student perspectives on both doing the project and their learning outcomes from the process.
  3. Understand how a capstone program can be implemented in any school setting using a variety of models from over a dozen school districts. 


  • Elizabeth Radday, EdAdvance
  • Matt Mervis, EdAdvance
  • Marin Mahoney, Waterford High School
  • Tess Briggs, Waterford High School