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Radically Inclusive Co-Creation can be used to redesign accountability and assessment while expanding public trust. The Center for Innovation in Education (C!E), the Kentucky Department of Education and partner organizations are 18 months into a shared effort to use this approach to rethink local accountability and assessment with an eye toward influencing both state and federal policy. Participants will engage with leaders of this effort to learn how inclusion, empathy, co-creation, and reciprocity are facilitating change in Kentucky.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how liberatory design and radical inclusion can come together to foster partnership and expand trust.
  2. See how inclusive co-creation can help foster the development of equity-seeking habits: inclusion, empathy, co-creation, and reciprocity.
  3. Learn about this process as it has unfolded in a statewide context. 


  • Gretchen Morgan, Center for Innovation in Education (C!E)
  • Paul Leather, Center for Innovation in Education (C!E)
  • David Cook, Kentucky Department of Education
  • Sarah Snipes, Kentucky Department of Education