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School districts want to focus on student learning but often find themselves buried by external factors or lack of knowledge to truly make learning student-centered. During this session, researchers will share the findings of a Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute report and the superintendents who participated in the study will talk about their vision for, actions taken, challenges of, and advice on student-centered learning.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Gain insight of student-centered learning (SCL) research being conducted in Michigan.
  2. Compare your own district’s SCL practices with the presenting districts’ programs and consider ways in which they can make learning student-centered.
  3. Be inspired to find a “coalition of the willing” to take action in your districts and recognize supports teachers may need to create SCL opportunities.


  • Lisa Sitkins, Michigan CoOp (MiCoOp)/LSS Connections and Consulting LLC
  • Chris Harrington, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute
  • Christa Green, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute
  • Dave Eichberg, Berrien Springs Public Schools
  • Chris Davidson, Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium & Keweenaw