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This moment is bringing into sharp focus the need to meet learners where they are, engage them, support them in increasing their core competencies, and create strongly inclusive learning communities that center learners’ lived experiences and prioritize a feeling of connectedness. This session introduces a model for learner-centered communities, and digs into a framework for personalized, competency-based pedagogical practice. Explore the research and two high-leverage pedagogical practices: learner-to-learner discussion and feedback and conferencing. Consider how the core practices can be implemented in your learning settings across diverse roles, whether teacher, instructional coach, or educational leader.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand key learning sciences research regarding the key ingredients for meeting students where they are.
  2. Explore a framework of key competency-based learning pedagogical practices that can be integrated into the daily classroom.
  3. Investigate two core pedagogical practices that will support and sustain learners in both remote and in-person learning communities.