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Over the seven year journey towards competency-based education (CBE), Spring Lake Park School District has created a culture that celebrates the successes and accepts the moments of challenge as an opportunity to innovate. In partnership with LiFT Learning, this session will share best practices and lessons learned on this journey. Engaged participants in this interactive session will walk away with an understanding of challenges, proposed solutions, and practical resources when making a district-wide commitment to a CBE model.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify relatable challenges and effective strategies that could be implemented within your learning community.
  2. Examine current contexts and structures within systems of education to develop an empathic and equitable entry point of innovation.
  3. Use the collective efficacy of the session to identify microshifts to take back to your organization and move toward more equitable education systems.


  • Melissa Olson, Spring Lake Park Schools, Minnesota (School District 16)
  • Joey Lee, LiFT Learning