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 It is a critical moment for schools, districts, and communities to redefine student success. Communities need to go beyond test scores and reach consensus on the student outcomes that matter most for their student’s future success. This session will focus on key tools you can use to support this work: portrait of a graduate, portrait of an educator, focus on self-directed creative problem solving, and the new student guide to 21st century learning to engage your students in the dialogue.

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Introduce participants to the portrait of a graduate and portrait of an educator, and learn how to use them to co-create your vision which will serve as your “North Star”.
  2. Give participants a clear vision of the importance of accentuating creative problem solving and which strategies and pedagogies will bring them to life for your students.
  3. Introduce participants to the new student guide to 21st century learning and give them ideas for using it to engage their students in dialogue on new student outcomes.


  • Ken Kay, Redefining Student Success
  • Suzie Boss, Redefining Student Success