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Help Aurora Make it to SXSWEDU 2023!

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Author(s): Chiara Wegener

Issue(s): Aurora Institute

Help us get personalized, competency-based education on the agenda for SXSWEDU 2023! Aurora has proposed two sessions with partners, which you can upvote via PanelPicker® until August 21:

Entry Points into Competency-Based Ecosystems (with Building 21Network): Learn about the power and possibilities of competency-based education (CBE) for equitable, rigorous, relevant learning to provide a responsive pathway to success for every student.

Designing Credentials for Innovative School Models (with Mastery Transcript Consortium, XQ Institute, and Big Picture Learning) How can we design transcripts and records that empower learners to share their unique strengths, abilities, and goals? In this panel discussion, organizations that support innovative schools will share insights and lessons learned from their credential design efforts.

To vote, sign in to PanelPicker® or create a free SXSW account with just your email. You can vote once for each of our sessions!

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