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Future-Focused Education Innovations: Insights from Global Leaders

Host: Beckenham Primary School in Christchurch|CORE Education|Haeata Community School

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What, in the end, will differentiate an educated person in 1950 from an educated person in 2050? How will this influence our view of schools, learning, and our education system as a whole? New Zealand is leading efforts to transform their education system around excellence and equity, providing learning experiences that offer the opportunity to build depth of knowledge through highly personalized learning.

Learn from experts how school leaders are designing new learning models and working together to build knowledge and practices that develop deep learning and foster whole system change. The New Zealand Education system’s vision is described as a “highly connected, interdependent education system that equips students with skills for the future, fosters students’ identity, language and culture, and prepares students to participate as successful citizens in the 21st century.”

View this archived webinar to learn about the future trends in global education, and discover ways global systems are collaborating to create educated citizens for the future. Understand the differences between surface learning and deep learning, and explore the characteristics that define each level. Learn about the CORE Educational Positioning System (EPS), a self-reflection tool to empower schools to shape and drive their future development.

  • Derek Wenmouth, Director of e-Learning, CORE Education (New Zealand)
  • Sandy Hastings, Principal, Beckenham Primary School in Christchurch (New Zealand)
  • Andy Kai Fong, Principal, Haeata Community School (New Zealand)