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Aurora Institute

Issue Brief

Federal Policy Priorities to Accelerate Education Innovation

Author(s): Susan Patrick, Alexis Chambers, Natalie Truong

Issue(s): Federal Policy, Harness Opportunities in ESSA, Modernize HEA, Increase Access to Broadband, Design for Educational Equity, Create Space to Pilot Systems of Assessments

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The Aurora Institute’s 2020 Federal Policy Priorities are an equity-driven and future-focused set of recommendations designed to ensure the nation’s education system is fit for purpose. The priorities are intentionally constructed to support moving states and localities forward from their current state of education to future systems capable of preparing all graduates with the knowledge, abilities, and dispositions necessary to achieve success, to contribute to their communities, and to advance our society.

Policymakers at all levels are positioned to take advantage of existing law and policy—or adopt effective strategies being piloted around the country—to move K-12 education toward its higher purpose. At the federal level, these priorities call on national leaders to:

  1. Prepare Educator-Leaders for the Future,
  2. Increase Access and Affordability to Diversify Educator Talent Pools,
  3. Expand the Innovative Assessment Pilot, and
  4. Increase Access to Broadband Connectivity.

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