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Applauding Today’s FCC Vote to Improve E-Rate to Provide Greater Access to Innovative, Personalized Learning Environments for America’s Students

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Susan Patrick

Issue(s): Federal Policy, Increase Access to Broadband

iNACOL congratulates the FCC for taking positive action to modernize the E-Rate program for U.S. schools and libraries and driving change for the public good in expanding access to broadband for our nation’s students.

Today’s vote toward a modernized E-Rate program is a significant step to ensure America’s students are prepared to meet future challenges. While we will continue to need the basics, our students need new skills and we need to update our education system to prepare all Americans for the challenges of the 21st century. Providing improved Internet access in our nation’s schools and libraries is a major step in the right direction. Chairman Wheeler and Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel have supported a crucial update of E-Rate to expand essential internal wi-fi connectivity for school and community learning environments. With this change, we applaud the FCC’s work to simplify and streamline the process for our schools and libraries.

This vote underscores how vitally important it is that education leaders continue to work with the FCC to strengthen and update the E-Rate program to make certain our students get the best education possible. Across the country, innovative educators are transforming learning environments to enable highly personalized learning experiences for students through blended and online learning. These new models of learning cannot succeed without high-speed broadband connections to schools and robust internal connectivity to bring those connections to each educator and learner.

Thanks to the leadership and support of the FCC today, more of America’s students will have access to these opportunities.