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Aurora Institute

Join the Aurora Institute at SXSW EDU 2023!

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Author(s): Chiara Wegener

Issue(s): Aurora Institute, How to Get Started, Lead Change and Innovation, Rethink Instruction

If you’re headed to SXSW EDU next month, be sure to join the Aurora Institute for two very exciting sessions on transforming K-12 education

Designing Credentials for Innovative School Models

The twin goals of equity and efficacy require K-12 school models that are personalized, skill-based, and interdisciplinary, but traditional transcripts are ill-suited to capture the richness of these approaches. How can we design transcripts and records that empower learners to share their unique strengths, abilities, and goals? In this panel discussion, Aurora President and CEO Susan Patrick will join Mike Flanagan of Mastery Transcript Consortium, Andrea Purcell of Big Picture Learning, and Mary Ryerse of XQ Institute to share insights and lessons from their credential design efforts.

CompetencyWorks Personalized, Competency-Based Education Meet-Up 

Join us to connect with Aurora’s network in the field of student-centered learning and K-12 personalized, competency-based education. We’ll explore how communities of innovative practice are fundamentally rethinking education through learner-centered, competency-based pathways and personalized learning. Discuss the latest trends and issues in competency-based education and share connections in your own work, network, and brainstorm about how to advance this vision for the future of education.

We hope to see you there!