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February CompetencyWorks Catch-Up

CompetencyWorks Blog

Author(s): Chris Sturgis

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Learn Lessons from the Field

Calendar Page FebHere are the highlights from February 2016 on CompetencyWorks. Happy reading. And let us know if you have questions you want us to delve into!

Competency Education Takes Root in South Carolina Series

Part 1 – Red Bank Elementary: Five Big Takeaways

Part 2 – Red Bank Elementary School: Teaching Students, Not Standards

Part 3 – Red Bank Elementary School: Starting with the Pedagogy

Part 4 – Red Bank Elementary: What Students Have to Say about Personalized Learning

Part 5 – Red Bank Elementary: The Parent Perspective

Follow Up – Reflections on Learning


Lake County Schools in Florida Series

Part 1 – Lake County Schools: Designing a Strategy to Bring Personalized Learning to Scale

Part 2 – Lake County Schools: Moving at the Speed of Trust at South Lake High School

Part 3 – Lake County Schools: Lost Lake Elementary is Putting the Fun Back into Teaching

Part 4 – Lake County Schools: Sawgrass Bay Elementary Increases Engagement with Personalized Learning

Part 5 – Lake County Schools: Windy Hill Middle School


Henry County, Georgia Series

Part 1 – Henry County Schools: Four Big Takeaways

Part 2 – Henry County Schools: Ensuring Success for Each Student

Part 3 – Henry County Schools: Scaling Strategies for Mid-Size Districts

Part 4 – Henry County Schools: What All of This Means for Schools

Part 5 – Henry County Schools: Impact Academy


Educator Resources

Learner-Centered Tip of the Week: Questions to Help Build Transparency by Courtney Belolan

Introductory Webinar on Competency-Based Education, April 20th

What’s New in K-12 Competency Education? (Feb 2) by Natalie Abel

What’s New in K-12 Competency Education? (Feb 29) by Natalie Abel


Policy Updates

Will Maine Stay the Course?

Maine: At the Forefront of Proficiency-Based Learning


Around the Web

The Ed Fly Blog

Getting Smart


Next Generation Learning Challenges