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Aurora Institute


Going Virtual! The Status of Professional Development and Unique Needs of K-12 Online Teachers

Author(s): Glori Hinck, Kerry Rice, Lisa Dawley

Organization(s): Boise State University

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Support Professional Learning

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Going Virtual! 2010 is a follow-up report to the Going Virtual! Research series started in 2007. The purpose of the series is to describe current trends on the status of professional development for K-12 online teachers, as well as identify the unique needs and challenges faced by these instructors.

In fall 2010, a national survey was conducted with 830 total respondents representing online teachers from virtual schools, supplemental online programs, and brick and mortar programs offering online courses. The investigators used an interpretive research design to continue identification of the unique needs and status of professional development for K-12 online teachers.