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Aurora Institute

CompetencyWorks, Report

Teachers Making the Shift to Equitable, Learner-Centered Education

Author(s): Wendy Surr, Kim Carter, and Andrea Stewart

Issue(s): Issues in Practice, Commit to Equity, Support Professional Learning, Rethink Instruction, Learn Lessons from the Field

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We know that the traditional “sit and get” classroom will not help us advance towards educational equity or promote the deeper learning skills our students need to succeed. The long game of systems-change work is critical to advancing learner-centered education, but what steps can educators take today to advance such environments? 

This new resource offers a comprehensive, research-backed analysis of how education systems can support the transition to learner-centered education by tapping educator mental models, motivations, and moves. For those responsible for and interested in professional learning, this resource offers steps that educators can take today to shift their practice to advance learner-centered environments.

“My hope with this report—and accompanying blogs and forthcoming exercises—is that practitioners will be able to help educators to engage in their own deeper learning and develop regular habits and practices that support learner-centered education,” said Wendy Surr, lead researcher and primary author of the report.

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