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iNACOL Policy Update – Enabling Policies to Transform K-12 Education

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Maria Worthen, Susan Gentz

Issue(s): State Policy, Create Pilots and Innovation Zones, Create Enabling Conditions for Competency-Based Education

iNACOL will be blogging weekly to share policy developments – both barriers and enablers – for the transformation to student-centered learning powered by blended and online learning. We’ll share updates on new and developing education policies, regulations, gubernatorial and legislative issues related to blended, online and competency education. A summary is below; the more detailed version with additional legislative information is available in the iNACOL Member Forums.

State Policy Highlights

  • Missouri introduced a bill to define school attendance by minimum hours, not days, creating flexibility in seat-time.
  • New York passed a law (awaiting Governor’s signature) and Missouri introduced a bill to establish task forces to improve access and equity through blended and online learning.
  • A bill in Virginia would create a new online school, the Virginia Virtual School, and create a funding model that would allow per pupil funds to follow full-time online students to the school.
  • A Florida bill would allow educators to use classroom data to improve education, expanding data systems and security.
  • In Oklahoma, one bill would create teacher licensure reciprocity and another would reduce funding for full-time virtual charters

Federal Policy Highlight

  • E-Rate Reform Finalized – The federal government successfully completed its work at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on E-Rate modernization. The FCC’s E-rate program connects the nation’s schools and libraries to broadband. The FCC launched the update of E-Rate in 2010 and last week completed its work to modernize the E-rate program to increase the focus on the largest and most urgent need—closing the wi-fi gap—while transitioning support away from legacy technologies to 21st Century broadband connectivity, ensuring E-rate money is spent smartly, increasing the funding cap and improving program administration.

To access more detailed information on these items and more policy highlights, including direct links to legislation, sponsor information, summaries and analysis, please go to the iNACOL Members-only Forums.

Note: Detailed highlights are provided for iNACOL Members in the Membership Forums (members-only), where you will find additional policy updates.  Members receive access to a members-only forum for job postings, policy updates, announcements, grant opportunities and the latest information from the field.

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