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iNACOL Releases Two Issue Briefs on 2019 Federal and State Policy Priorities

Education Domain Blog

Author(s): Susan Patrick, Maria Worthen, Natalie Truong

Issue(s): Federal Policy, Harness Opportunities in ESSA, Modernize HEA, State Policy, Redefine Student Success, Build Balanced Systems of Assessments, Develop Educator Capacity

Today, iNACOL’s Center for Policy Advocacy published iNACOL 2019 State Policy Priorities and 2019 Federal Policy Priorities, a pair of briefs highlighting the top issues to focus on to drive the transformation of the nation’s K-12 education system.

It is time to build a system on the core principle that all students can succeed and be ready for the next step in their learning, the workforce and citizenship and for lifelong health and prosperity. These issue briefs offer insights on how to catalyze transformative policies beyond short-term fixes and work toward the long term. The intent of the new policy priorities is to push current thinking beyond the assumptions that perpetuate root causes of educational inequity and to focus on policy strategy to support K-12 systems change that can sustain over time.  

For states, the 2019 policy priorities are:

For federal leaders, the 2019 policy priorities are:

Download the new iNACOL 2019 State Policy Priorities and 2019 Federal Policy Priorities.

For more information, iNACOL’s related issue briefs are also linked below: